30+ Fun and Colorful Classroom Door Decorations that Bring Learning to Life! (2022)

I am just loving that classroom door decorations are becoming such a huge thing. I love seeing adorably decorated doors when I drop my kids off at school. It makes school a lot more fun, and my kids always talk about the clever designs their teachers come up with.

But if you don’t have any clue what to do, keep losing the door decorating contest, or simply just sort of hate decorating a door, then you are in the right place.

Here you will not only learn how to decorate a classroom door, but also get inspiration for simple designs you can implement that look complicated, but don’t take much thought or time to create.

Take that competition!

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Why Make Classroom Door Decorations?

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There are a couple of reasons why I think taking the time to create a classroom door decoration (even if you just make one and leave it up all year) is beneficial.

The classroom can be either boring or intimidating to kids (sometimes both!), and something fun to greet a child walking into school every day is calming for anxiety.

School can get monotonous as well, and having a new door decoration can spice things up and alert kids to upcoming themes and events.

You can also use your classroom decorations to share a bit about your personality with both the students and their parents throughout the year.

How to Decorate a Classroom Door

Decorating a classroom door can be a bit intimidating if you just scroll through Pinterest and think, “my goodness, how much time did that take!” But, when you break it down, many of the designs that seem complicated aren’t that hard!

All classroom door designs include these elements:

  • Background
  • Main subject
  • Supporting words/elements
  • Filler decor

Once you realize there are only four parts, these scary Pinterest designs don’t seem that hard!

And of course, you don’t have to go super elaborate. The classroom door decorations below mix easy inspiration designs with more complicated ones so you have something amazing no matter how much or little time you have to create it.

It also helps to sketch out inspiration designs in advance. This will help with scale and deciding how much of each supply you need.

If you click the image below, you’ll get access to my classroom door designer that will soon have you creating classroom doors like you were meant to be a door decorator.

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What You Need to Implement Your Door Decoration Design Ideas

It may look like you need a lot of supplies to make a cute door decoration, but that’s not the case!

Basically, all you need is (shop the Amazon affiliate links below):

And if you want even easier shopping, check out this list of everything needed to decorate a classroom door.

Over 30 Easy Classroom Door Decorations to Create Today!

Now that you know what you need, check out our lists of themed classroom door decorations!

First, you’ll see some classroom door ideas with themes for specific age groups or subjects. Further down are ideas for specific months and seasons!

Easy Classroom Door Ideas

If you are just starting to dip your toe into decorating a classroom door, these classroom door ideas are super cute and most of them are very easy to implement and create!

Kindergarten Door Decorations

Kindergarten door decorations include fun themes like colors, shapes, basic math facts, reading, and characters from early readers. These classroom door decorations are too cute!

Carnival Classroom Theme

Who doesn’t love a carnival? All those fried foods, cotton candy, balloons, games, and prizes? Make the school year more fun with this carnival classroom theme.

Circus Theme Classroom Ideas

If you love the circus, you will have so much fun using these circus theme classroom ideas as inspiration.

Science Classroom Decorating Ideas for Your Door

If you’re a science teacher (or maybe you just love science) then of course you’ll want to have science classroom decorating ideas for your door! This list has some super cute ideas for science!

Science Door Decorations

Are you a science teacher or STEM teacher? Maybe you run an after-school science program? Get in on the fun and use these science door decorations!

Science Lab Door Decorations

Something about the science lab sounds a bit more serious, but of course, it doesn’t have to be! These science lab door decorations are both educational and a lot of fun for your science lab doors.

All Season Door Decorations for the Classroom

Maybe you don’t want to switch out your door decorations every month. You have other things to do! Ok, these all season door decorations for the classroom are just what you need.

Super Hero Door Decorations for the Classroom

Who doesn’t love super heroes? Capture the spirit of adventure with super hero door decorations for the classroom.

30+ Fun and Colorful Classroom Door Decorations that Bring Learning to Life! (3)

August Classroom Door Ideas

When it’s August, it’s usually back to school season! August classroom door ideas often include themes like apples, pencils, busses, about me themes, getting to know you, and fun ice breakers!

Back to School Door Decorations

Back to school season is one of my favorite times of year. That’s why I love back to school door decorations so much. I like fun puns and themes around back to school, like “back to learning,” “yellow, is it me you’re looking for?” for a school bus, and that sort of thing.

No need to just stick to apples for your classroom door decorations.

Classroom Door Ideas for the Beginning of the Year

Whenever you start back to school, classroom door ideas for the beginning of the year should inspire kids to get excited about learning! Maybe feature famous figures from the past, modern kids who are making a difference in the world, or just focus on fun facts!

Classroom Door Ideas for September

Classroom door ideas for September typically include themes like apples, the start of fall, trees, leaves, and maybe even apple pie!

Fall Classroom Door Ideas

In the fall, there are so many fall classroom door ideas to choose from! What about fall leaves, acorns, woodland creatures, life cycles, sunflowers, or pumpkins?

October Classroom Door Ideas

When Ocrober rolls around, kids are ready for some fun. But if you don’t want to use a Halloween door design all month long, these October classroom door ideas might be just the thing!

Try frost formation, pumpkins, fire safety, scarecrows, fall harvest, or birds.

Halloween Classroom Door Ideas

You have to check out this list of Halloween classroom door ideas for some super adorable Halloween classroom door decorations that all have a fun science twist!

December Door Decorations for Preschool

Preschoolers often have their own themes so you’ll want to find December door decorations for preschool. Aside from preschool themes like colors, shapes, and numbers, December can be a time for decorating for seasons, snow, winter animals, winter holidays, cooking, family, and more!

Holiday Door Decorations for School

You can’thave a holiday season without holiday door decorations for school! Think outside the normal holiday celebrations of Christmas, Hanukkah, and Kawanza and celebrate the winter holidays from other cultures on your door!

Winter Classroom Door Ideas

When winter rolls around, winter classroom door ideas include themes like snow, ice, mittens, hot chocolate, penguins, polar bears, and more!

February Door Decorationsfor Elementary School

February is for Valentine’s Day, but also more than that! February door decorations for elementary school can include things like heart health, President’s Day, Mardi Gras, and even 100 days of school!

Classroom March Door Decorations

Classroom March door decorations are the first peek into spring! Decorate with themes like March madness, St. Patrick’s Day, life cycles, weather, and more!

Dr Suess Door Ideasfor Elementary School

March is also home to Read Across America Day, and Dr. Suess is a popular theme for March. You’ll find a lot of fun Dr. Seuss door ideas for elementary school here.

Teacher Door Decorations for April

When it’s April, break out the door decorations for April in the classroom! Themes like weather, rain, life cycles, water cycle, seasons, spring, flowers, and gardening are all fun door themes this month.

May Door Decorating Ideasfor the Classroom

May door decorating ideas for the classroom include themes like Mother’s Day, the end of school. Memorial Day, reading month, and police week.

Teacher Appreciation Door Decorations for School

Of course also in May, we can’t forget Teacher Appreciation Day! These teacher appreciation door decorations for school are the perfect thing to use as a surprise for a favorite teacher or even the administration office.

What classroom door decorations do you love the most?

30+ Fun and Colorful Classroom Door Decorations that Bring Learning to Life! (4)

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