Free Paper Publication (2023)

AIJR offers Free Paper Publication in the following international refereed journals with open access (Free to Publish & Free to Read) – No hidden charges

Besides free paper publication (Normal Publication), the above journals are also offering various rapid review options through fast-track publication which is optional. The author needs to send an additional email request to consider articles under the fast track for rapid publication. All submitted paper to journals published by AIJR undergoes rigorous peer review and upon acceptance made available free for everyone to read and download as per end user license.

Authors are requested to read the author guidelines of the corresponding journal and follow them preciselyto prepare the research paper. Author guideline is available at the homepage of each journal. The author will require to provide all information for each author in the manuscript and all author(s) specified in the manuscript must be added during online submission in step 3 with proper order and complete detail. Reference citation and reference list should be followed as specified inthe author guideline of the journal. All relevantinformation regarding the journal is available in the About section of the journal at their homepage.

Manuscript submissions for possible publication to journals are invited from the worldwide research community. The manuscript should be original and formatted as per the author’s guidelines. All manuscripts should be submitted with all required detail.


1. 9 Fast Publishing Free SCOPUS/SCI Journals II 10-100 % Acceptance Rate II My Research Support
(My Research Support)
2. Free Publishing Paper journals l Fast Publishing Journals l Scopus Fast Publishing Journal 2022
(Murad Learners Academy)
3. Free list of Elsevier journals with no publication fees. No article publication fees, NO APC
4. How to publish your first research paper? Step-by-Step Start to End Instructions
(Yash Mittra - YMGrad)
5. Publish Paper in 3 Day's Only: Fast Publication Journals: Research Paper Publication in 24 Hour's
(Computer Science Academy By Dinesh Sir)
6. 5 Nursing Journal with Free of Charge (No Publication Fee)
(Joko Gunawan, PhD)
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