Tulsa County, OK Tornadoes (1875-Present) (2022)

Tulsa County, OK Tornadoes Prior to 195004/25/190470440430Tulsa/ Rogers/ Craig/ Mayes/ Delaware/ OttawaNear Broken Arrow - Inola - near Ketchum - near Chouteau - near Afton - near Fairland05/27/19122030200420TulsaNear Skiatook01/04/1922021544013Tulsa/ OttawaNear Turley... Miami... Commerce... Picher05/17/193014401n00TulsaUnrecorded09/25/1930163018000TulsaUnrecorded05/13/1933170014220511Tulsa7 SW - 8 E Tulsa05/04/19341500444039Tulsa12 SE Tulsa; Catoosa; "Alsuma" (6 SE Tulsa)02/26/193601155100018TulsaTurley04/19/19410500136700TulsaTulsa05/02/19421515558807manyPayne/ Creek/ Osage/ Tulsa2 S Cushing - Mannford - Fisher - Sand Springs - Turley - Sperry04/30/194418001800Tulsa.5 W Leonard11/25/19441613220005TulsaCollinsville05/24/1946160050000Tulsa/ RogersNear Collinsville06/21/194815451022000TulsaTulsa Airport05/19/194902301000TulsaNear Broken ArrowTulsa County, OK Tornadoes (1950-Present*)104/03/19501615133F100TulsaHarvey Young Airport208/07/195515006400F100Tulsanear Tulsa304/02/195610300.333F100Tulsanear Owasso404/19/195701400.110F100TulsaN edge of Tulsa504/22/195723300.110F000Tulsanear Bixby605/20/195719304500F100TulsaBroken Arrow707/01/195702000.110F000Tulsanear Sand Springs807/01/195702200.110F200TulsaS edge of Tulsa908/20/195815200.133F200TulsaTulsa1004/18/195919020.110F000Tulsa8 S Tulsa1105/09/1959174019300F200Tulsa/ Rogers/ Nowata5 N Collinsville - 1 E Watovia1204/16/196016400.110F100TulsaNear Sperry1305/05/19601500102400F300Cleveland/ Pottawatomie/ Lincoln/ Creek/ TulsaSW of Corbett - Tribbey- Macomb -2 W Tecumseh; near Bellmont - Depew - 4 W Sand Springs [tornado family]1405/19/196018350.110F?00TulsaTulsa1505/19/196023200.110F?00TulsaS of Broken Arrow1605/19/196023200.110F?00TulsaS of Broken Arrow1707/21/196014550.110F?00Tulsa5 SW Tulsa1807/09/196417550.110F200Osage/ Tulsa5 SW- 1 NE Skiatook1905/11/196618302100F201TulsaNE Tulsa2012/18/196813004100F200TulsaSkiatook - 3 NE Skiatook2105/31/197116150.110F101TulsaNorth part of county2206/27/19722040110F000TulsaTulsa (15th Street - Fairgrounds - 21st St/Yale)2305/26/19731500233F200TulsaE of Broken Arrow2406/08/1974155529400F414150Payne/ Creek/ Tulsa/ Osage3 SW Drumright- Drumright- Olive- Lake Keystone- 7 WSW Sperry- W of Skiatook2506/08/19741740560F200Tulsa~3 W- 3 N Collinsville2606/08/1974175064100F3280Tulsa/ Rogers/ Mayes/ CraigW of Tulsa - Tulsa - near Big Cabin2706/08/1974175049100F3042Creek/ Tulsa/ Wagoner/ Rogers/ MayesSapulpa - Tulsa - ORU - near Chouteau2806/08/1974193014100F200Creek/ Tulsanear Kiefer - 6 ENE Bixby2912/05/197516452100F200TulsaNear Bixby3012/05/197516541.5700F3038TulsaNE Tulsa3103/04/197612101430F100Tulsa/ Rogers1 N Skiatook - 5 SW Oologah3205/30/197620103880F200Tulsa/ WagonerNear Broken Arrow3303/18/19791310333F200Tulsa/ RogersTulsa - Catoosa (southwest)3404/19/198120105200F307TulsaTulsa (moved ENE from Yale and 66th St)3504/19/198120350.510F301TulsaBroken Arrow3604/19/1981204510880F3549Tulsa1.5 S Glenpool - S of Bixby3707/20/198119300.510F105TulsaNear Broken Arrow3812/24/198208073100F207TulsaNear Tulsa3906/27/198322155100F210Tulsa/ RogersN of Collinsville4010/03/198321250.110F001TulsaNear Broken Arrow4104/26/198422555880F105Osage/ Tulsa3 SW- just E of Skiatook4204/26/198423283500F201TulsaBroken Arrow4306/14/198522550.210F100TulsaN part of Owasso4411/13/198515150.2100F105TulsaBroken Arrow4504/13/198623204300F202TulsaBroken Arrow4609/26/198616180.150F000Tulsanear Bixby (near 181st/ S Memorial)4706/02/198916020.120F000TulsaW Tulsa4805/15/199021100.120F000Tulsa4 SW Bixby4905/16/199117180.330F000Tulsa3 E Kiefer5005/16/199119080.330F000TulsaTulsa near 51st St/ Highway 515110/24/199115120.240F000TulsaCollinsville5205/11/19920130-0150450F000Tulsa/ WagonerBroken Arrow5307/02/19921720-17474100F301Tulsa/ Rogers2 N Collinsville- 6 SW Oologah5404/24/19931750-18036250F47100Tulsa/ RogersE Tulsa- Catoosa- 1 N Catoosa5506/09/199315580.130F001TulsaGlenpool5606/09/19931600-1606350F100Creek/ Tulsa4 NNE Sapulpa- 3 NNW Jenks5706/09/199316150.150F100TulsaBroken Arrow5807/04/199516020.130F000Tulsa5 WSW Bixby5906/18/199623100.125F000Tulsa3 N Owasso (near 116th St N and Memorial)6005/26/199718150.140F000Tulsa1 SE Glenpool6110/04/199821190.550F000Tulsa3 NW Collinsville6203/08/19991757-17580.750F100Tulsa1.5 W - 0.8 W Broken Arrow6305/03/19992308-23217150F100Creek/ Tulsa2 NE Sapulpa - southwest Tulsa6411/22/199917540.550F000Tulsa1 E Prattville6511/22/199918250.550F000Tulsa5 E Skiatook6602/25/200007370.2100F100TulsaTulsa (near Pine/Garnett)6703/07/200022100.150F000Tulsa1 N Sperry6803/26/200016400.250F000Tulsa2 N Leonard6904/01/200623160.480F107Tulsa1 SW - 0.5 SW Tulsa airport7005/07/20081828-18290.350EF000Tulsa2 WNW Broken Arrow7105/13/20100343-040423500EF200Creek/ Tulsa1 W Sapulpa - 0.2 SSE Lynn Lane7205/13/20100345-035914500EF100Creek/ TulsaKiefer - 3 SW Broken Arrow7304/17/20132250-22510.550EF000Tulsa5.5 S - 5 S Glenpool7404/17/20132301-23031.3250EF000Tulsa3 NE - 3 NNE Bixby7504/17/20132303-23052400EF100Tulsa2 NE Bixby - 4 SSE Broken Arrow airpark7605/30/20131940-19546450EF200Tulsa/ Wagoner2 SSE Broken Arrow - 2.5 ENE Oneta7703/25/20151621-163811800EF2130Pawnee/ Osage/ Tulsa4 SE Westport - 0.5 SW Sand Springs7803/25/20151701-17052600EF000Tulsa2 S - 3.5 SE Tulsa airport7903/30/20161813-185520800EF207Osage/ Tulsa/ Rogers10.5 S Skiatook - 2 N Verdigris8004/26/20162118-21254600EF100Tulsa4 SSW - 4.5 SE Downtown Tulsa8104/26/20162126-21303350EF100Tulsa0.5 SW - 2 ENE Bixby8204/26/20162136-21391150EF100Tulsa/ Wagoner4.5 SSE - 4.5 SE Broken Arrow8308/06/20170019-00257550EF2030Tulsa4 SE Tulsa - 3 N Broken Arrow8408/06/20170027-00313400EF100Tulsa/ Wagoner3 N - 3 ENE Broken Arrow8505/18/20191003-10083.7350EF000Tulsa3.6 WSW - 1.2 NNW Bixby8605/20/20192005-20060.5100EF000Tulsa3 SE Tulsa International Airport8705/21/20190529-05300.475EF000TulsaTulsa (SE of Peoria Ave/Highway 75)8805/21/20190531-05352.3550EF101TulsaTulsa (just S of Pine St./Rockford Ave - just N of Pine St./Oswego Ave.)8905/21/20190537-05390.775EF100Tulsa6.7 N - 6.9 NNE Tulsa9005/21/20190548-05490.6100EF000Tulsa3.8 NNE - 4.4 NNE Owasso9105/22/201917070.275EF000Tulsa3 E Sperry9205/25/20192321-233812.51400EF100Creek/ Tulsa5.6 W Sapulpa - 2.4 SE Jenks9305/25/20192327-233912.32200EF100Creek/ Tulsa1.3 SW Sapulpa - 3.6 SE Jenks9405/25/20192351-23541.8350EF000Tulsa /Wagoner1.5 NE - 2.9 NE Broken Arrow9512/28/20191530-15321.2160EF000Tulsa/ Wagoner3.1 SSE - 3.1 SE Broken Arrow9610/10/20212130-21320.7100EF?00Tulsa6 SSE - 5.7 SSE Bixby9711/10/20211914-19160.5150EF000Tulsa1.5 SE - 2 SE Tulsa
05/11/196618302100F201TulsaNE Tulsa

A combined thunderstorm winds and tornado damage path extended east-northeastward in a hop and skip fashion across Tulsa from the blocks of 1800 North and 2500 East to the vicinity of blocks 2600 North and 4900 East. Observers heard the tornado but the condensation funnel was described "like a clear whirling dust devil".

One home in the midst of a remodel was unroofed and sheet rock ceilings and walls collapsed to the floor of the home. Windows were blown out of two service stations, a donut shop, and a drive-in movie theater. A front porch was pulled from a home and blown through the back of a garage, which demolished a camper. A boat was lifted out of one yard and dropped three residences away. Tree and utility lines were downed. One child received minor injuries when a sign was blown onto a car.

05/31/197116150.110F101TulsaNorth part of county

A tornado touched down briefly damaging 3 buildings and knocking down a telephone pole. One man was slightly injured on a farm north of Tulsa when the tornadic winds picked up and flipped a new aluminum storage building that he was working on. Another person reported hearing a roaring noise.

06/08/1974155529400F414150Payne/ Creek/ Tulsa/ Osage3 SW Drumright - Drumright - Olive - Lake Keystone - 7 WSW Sperry - W of Skiatook

This tornado touched down 3 miles southwest of Drumright in Payne County and struck the Oak Grove Community at about 3:55 pm CST, heavily damaging the school. The tornado moved east-northeast into Drumright a few minutes later, causing extensive damage through the northwestern portion of the community. Six people were killed in a nursing home and another 6 persons died at various locations in the city.

It continued moving northeast and struck the community of Olive, destroying parts of the school along with 2 mobile homes and several frame homes. One person was killed in Olive. The tornado then continued on a northeasterly course and damaged Pier 51 on Lake Keystone. It destroyed several mobile homes about 7 miles west-southwest of Sperry and one person was killed in this area. The tornado then turned a more north-northeasterly track and produced damage to several brick homes west of Skiatook before it dissipated.

The tornado killed a total of 14 people, including 12 in Drumright, one in the town of Olive, and one near Sperry. Approximately 150 people were injured along the path of the storm.

06/08/1974175064100F3280Tulsa/ Rogers/ Mayes/ CraigW of Tulsa - Tulsa - near Big Cabin

A violent squall line brought heavy rains and tornadoes to the Tulsa area during the late afternoon of June 8, 1974. The heavy rains and tornadoes combined to produce one of the worst natural disasters in Tulsa's history. Two deaths were attributed to one of the tornadoes and one death to flash flooding.

One of the tornadoes touched down just west of Tulsa at about 5:50 pm CST and moved east-northeastward across the city. Some of the worst damage occurred near the intersections of 51st and Union, 41st and Peoria, and 21st and Garnett. A 17-year-old girl living near the 21st and Garnett area was fatally injured. The Red Cross also reported that a 71-year-old man in Tulsa was also killed.

(Video) Tornado hits Tulsa with no warning

Upon leaving Tulsa, the tornado took a more northeasterly track and produced more damage near Catoosa, Claremore, and Big Cabin before it dissipated. In addition to producing 2 fatalities, the tornado also injured 80 people. The damage path was 45 miles long with a width up to 100 yards in some areas.

06/08/1974175049100F3042Creek/ Tulsa/ Wagoner/ Rogers/ MayesSapulpa - Tulsa - ORU - near Chouteau

The second tornado to strike the Tulsa area on June 8, 1974 also touched down at 5:50 pm CST near Sapulpa and moved into Tulsa near 91st Street and Elwood Avenue. At the Riverside Airport, the anemometer pegged 100 knots for several minutes. The tornado moved in an east-northeastward direction causing extensive damage to Oral Roberts University (ORU) and the residential additions of Walnut Creek and Southridge Estates which are adjacent to the ORU campus. Extensive damage also occurred at the Player Park housing addition north of 71st Street.

The tornado continued in the east-northeasterly direction, and caused damage at or near Broken Arrow, Inola, and Chouteau before dissipating. The damage path was 45 miles long and up to 100 yards wide. A total of 42 persons were injured by the tornado.

12/05/197516541.5700F3038TulsaNE Tulsa

A tornado touched down in the northeastern part of Tulsa and move east-northeast for 1.5 miles before dissipating. Thirty-five houses, 29 apartments, 2 mobile homes, and 6 businesses were destroyed. An additional 50 houses, 32 apartments, and 5 businesses sustained major damage while 32 houses, 49 apartments, and 2 businesses suffered minor damage. Twenty aircraft were destroyed and another 20 planes were damaged at a small airport. Hailstones up to the size of 1.5 inches fell in the Tulsa metro area and numerous funnels were spotted in the southern Tulsa County during the severe weather event. this tornado was one of the 4 rare December tornadoes that occurred in northeastern Oklahoma on December 5, 1975.

04/19/198120105200F307TulsaTulsa (moved ENE from Yale and 66th St)

A tornado touched down near Yale and 66th Street, moved east-northeast, and cut a 5-mile-long path through a residential area of expensive houses and eventually an industrial park. Seven people were injured and the damage total was estimated between 75 and 100 million dollars.

04/19/198120350.510F301TulsaBroken Arrow

Although this tornado touched down briefly, it produced $500,000 in damages to a new car dealership and $200,000 in damages to an expensive private residence. The total damage amount was near $1 million and one person was injured.

04/19/1981204510880F3549Tulsa1.5 S Glenpool - S of Bixby

The tornado touched down 1.5 miles south of Glenpool and moved east before turning to the east-southeast and passing through the Bixby Heights area south of the town of Bixby. All 5 deaths occurred in a mobile home park in the Bixby Heights area. The majority of the injuries occurred when the tornado struck a small church while evening services were in progress, and the roof collapsed upon the attendees at the church. The church was adjacent to the mobile home park.

07/20/198119300.510F105TulsaNear Broken Arrow

A small tornado touched down intermittently three times, and was accompanied by wind gusts of 100 mph and golfball size hail. Five people were injured while 12 mobile homes and several cars were damaged. Damages were estimated at $50,000.

12/24/198208073100F207TulsaNear Tulsa

A tornado accompanied by high winds destroyed 5 homes and produced major damage for 4 houses and minor damage for 20 homes. Extensive damage occurred with utility lines and trees. A volunteer fire department building was destroyed. Seven people were injured, mainly in mobile homes, and damages were estimated at $2 million.

(Video) CLOSE TORNADO TEARS THROUGH TOWN - Madill Oklahoma 4-22-20

06/27/198322155100F210Tulsa/ RogersN of Collinsville

A tornado touched down on the north edge of Collinsville, OK and skipped intermittently east-northeast along a 5-mile-long path. A trailer house on the northern side of Collinsville was destroyed, resulting in the death of the woman occupant. Tree damage was heavy along the tornado's path with numerous twisted trees being observed.

10/03/198321250.110F001TulsaNear Broken Arrow

A supercell thunderstorm produced a small tornado that touched down briefly in Broken Arrow. A police officer suffered a broken leg. The thunderstorm also produced severe wind gusts of 70 to 100 mph, and damages were estimated at $1 million.

04/26/198422555880F105Osage/ Tulsa3 SW- just E of Skiatook

A tornado touched down 3 miles southwest of Skiatook, moved northeast, and dissipated just east of the town. Two houses were destroyed while 2 houses received major damage, and another 9 homes had minor damage. A total of 9 mobile homes were also destroyed. Damage estimates were $150,000 and 5 people were injured.

04/26/198423283500F201TulsaBroken Arrow

A tornado touched down in Broken Arrow and dissipated just northeast of the city. Seven houses were destroyed while 8 houses received major damage, and another 19 homes had minor damage. Damages were estimated at $2 million in Broken Arrow and east Tulsa, and one person was injured.

11/13/198515150.2100F105TulsaBroken Arrow

The tornado touched down briefly in Broken Arrow, but unroofed houses and damaged a school. Five people also received minor injuries. The tornado was also accompanied by hailstones of 1 to 2.75 inches and severe wind gusts of 50 to 60 mph. The total damages in Tulsa County were estimated at $37 million with $24 million in damages occurring to automobiles.

04/13/198623204300F202TulsaBroken Arrow

This tornado touched down in Broken Arrow, and destroyed or damaged many businesses and homes along its 4-mile path. Two people were also injured.

07/02/19921720-17474100F301Tulsa/ Rogers2 N Collinsville- 6 SW Oologah

Severe thunderstorms occurred across portions of northeastern, central, and southwestern Oklahoma on the afternoon and evening of the July 2nd. The greatest concentration of severe thunderstorms was across northeast Oklahoma, where the most severe thunderstorm of the day produced a tornado which moved through Tulsa and Rogers Counties. The tornado first touched down 2 miles north of Collinsville at 5:20 pm CST. This tornado caused minor roof damage and destroyed several outbuildings near 166th Street North and 113th East Avenue. At this point the tornado was 100 yards wide and F0 in intensity.

The tornado quickly strengthened to F3 intensity as it moved east northeast to near 170th Street North and 129th East Avenue. Damage in this area was extensive with 2 mobile homes destroyed, 4 homes heavily damaged, and 8 homes with minor damage. There was 1 minor injury in this area, and the damage path was 150 yards wide.

The tornado then weakened back to F0 intensity as it moved east across the Caney River into Rogers County 6.5 miles southwest of Oologah at 5:45 pm CST. Damage in this area was confined to several large trees uprooted. The tornado was 100 yards wide at this point and dissipated at 5:47 pm CST, 6 miles west of Oologah. The total path length of this tornado was 4 miles.

(Video) The Survivors of The Deadly 1999 Oklahoma Tornado Outbreak | Critical Rescue | Wonder

04/24/19931750-18035.5250F47100Tulsa/ RogersE Tulsa To 1 N Catoosa

This tornado touched down in East Tulsa near 6th Street and 135th East Avenue at 5:50 pm CST. The tornado moved northeast for about a mile before entering Rogers County at 5:53 pm CST. There, a truck stop located near U.S. Interstate Highway I-44 and 161st East Avenue took a direct hit from the tornado. Numerous tractor-trailers and cars were destroyed in the vicinity of the truck stop. Six people were killed at or near the truck stop.

The tornado then continued northeast into Catoosa where several residential neighborhoods and the Colonial Port Mobile Home Park received heavy damage. The seventh and final fatality associated with this tornado occurred at the mobile home park. The tornado dissipated at 6:03 pm CST 1 mile west of State Highway 66 north of Catoosa. Total damage was estimated at $500,000.


This tornado briefly touched down near the intersection of U.S. Highway 75 and 141st Street in Glenpool. The tornado damaged a lumber yard and 2-3 mobile homes in this area before dissipating. Damage to the lumber yard was estimated at $150,000. The manager of the lumber yard sustained a broken hand.

04/01/200623160.480F107Tulsa1 SW - 0.5 SW Tulsa airport

A tornado developed along the leading edge of a line of thunderstorms. The tornado severely damaged a hotel near the airport injuring seven people, damaged covered parking at the airport, snapped trees, and turned over a sports utility vehicle at the airport. Seventy-five other cars were also damaged by the tornado.

03/25/20151621-163811.1800EF2130Pawnee/ Osage/ Tulsa4 SE Westport - 0.6 SW Sand Springs

The tornado developed over Keystone Lake, west of Appalachia Bay Recreation Area. The beginning of this tornado was filmed by storm chasers. The tornado moved east-southeast across the lake waters and adjacent uninhabited land areas. Damage is strongly suspected to trees in this segment of the tornado but those suspected areas were not accessible by road.

The tornado crossed into Osage County over Keystone Lake and quickly crossed U.S. Highway 412. It then moved through a wooded area that was inaccessible by road. The first damage that was accessible by the survey team was at S 209th W Avenue, where the tornado damaged a church, snapped large tree limbs, and damaged a home. It moved east- southeast toward W Archer Road snapping or uprooting trees and damaging homes.

The tornado moved into Tulsa County at W Archer Road to the east of S 209th W Avenue. The roofs of several homes were damaged and trees were uprooted as it crossed S 193rd W Avenue. The tornado moved southeast crossing U.S. Highway 412, where it snapped or uprooted numerous trees and blew a tractor trailer off the road . A doughnut shop was destroyed at S 177th W Avenue, homes were damaged, and trees and poles were snapped. It crossed the Arkansas River and moved through the River Oaks Estates Mobile Home Park where it destroyed 58 mobile homes and two permanent homes. One fatality and about 30 injuries occurred in this park. The tornado crossed the Arkansas River again as it moved east-southeast toward Sand Springs, uprooting numerous trees before dissipating on the south side of Sand Springs, south of U.S. Highway 412 and just west of OK State Highway 97. Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in the tornado was 125 to 135 mph.

03/30/20161813-185520800EF207Osage/ Tulsa/ Rogers10.5 S Skiatook - 2 N Verdigris

Thunderstorms developed over eastern Oklahoma during the morning hours of March 30th as a warm front moved into the region from the south. The stronger storms produced large hail. Additional thunderstorm development occurred along and ahead of a dry line over central Oklahoma during the afternoon. These storms moved eastward into northeastern Oklahoma during the late afternoon and evening. Four tornadoes, two of which were strong, hail up to golfball size, and damaging wind occurred with these storms.

In Osage County, this tornado severely damaged the roof of a home, destroyed several outbuildings, destroyed farm equipment, and snapped or uprooted numerous trees. Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in this segment of the tornado was 100 to 110 mph. The tornado continued into Tulsa County, Oklahoma.

(Video) LARGEST TORNADO EVER!!! From Birth to Death (w/ Radar & Commentary) 5-31-13

In Tulsa County, the tornado moved east-northeast, roughly along E 46th Street N to the west of Highway 75. It damaged more than 300 homes, and thirteen churches and businesses. Seven people were injured in north Tulsa. Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted and numerous power poles were snapped. The tornado moved east-northeast across Mohawk Park where it snapped and uprooted numerous trees. Several large, metal-framed, industrial buildings were significantly damaged north-northeast of the Tulsa International Airport on N Mingo Road. The tornado then crossed Highway 169 just south of the Bird Creek Bridge where it destroyed several barns and snapped numerous trees along E 56th Street N. Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in this segment of the tornado was 110 to 120 mph. The tornado continued into Rogers County, Oklahoma.

In Rogers County, the tornado moved east-northeast passing across the northern portion of the Patriot Golf Club and Stone Canyon housing subdivisions. Numerous homes were damaged in this area, some severely. Several homes under construction were destroyed. The tornado crossed Highway 266 destroying a business, damaging a number of homes, destroying barns and outbuildings, and snapping or uprooting numerous trees until it dissipated north of Verdigris. Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in this segment of the tornado was 110 to 120 mph.

08/06/20170019-00257550EF2030Tulsa4 SE Tulsa - 3 N Broken Arrow

A surface low pressure system was positioned over southwestern Kansas during the evening of August 5th, with a stationary frontal boundary extending southeast from the low into northeastern Oklahoma and northwestern Arkansas. Thunderstorms developed over northwestern Oklahoma and south central Kansas during the evening hours and moved east into northeastern Oklahoma during the late evening hours of August 5th and early morning hours of August 6th.

The thunderstorms evolved into a nearly solid line by the time they reached northeastern Oklahoma and resulted in widespread damaging wind. Very strong low-level wind shear ahead of the line allowed for the development of several areas of rotation along and within the leading edge of the thunderstorms. Several tornadoes formed from these low-level circulations, including a strong tornado that resulted in severe damage across portions of the City of Tulsa.

This tornado developed over a neighborhood east of S Harvard Avenue and south of E 36th Street S, where large tree limbs were snapped and homes were damaged. The tornado moved east-southeast crossing S Yale Avenue where numerous trees and power poles were snapped. Numerous businesses were damaged or destroyed between S Yale Avenue and S Sheridan Road along and within a few blocks of E 41st Street S. Some of the worst damage in the path was in this area. Some of the businesses in the area had the roofs blown off the structure and some had exterior walls blown down. Several vehicles were rolled in this area, and reportedly 30 people were injured there.

Numerous other businesses sustained mainly roof, wall, and window damage between S Sheridan Road and Highway 169. Many power poles and trees were also blown down in this area. The tornado turned more easterly near Highway 169 and moved roughly along E 51st Street S, dissipating just before reaching N Aspen Avenue (S 145th East Avenue). Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in the tornado was 120 to 130 mph.

05/21/20190531-05352.3550EF101TulsaTulsa (just S of Pine St./Rockford Ave - just N of Pine St./Oswego Ave.)

A strong upper-level storm system moved into the Southern Plains from the Rockies on May 20th and 21st. The attendant warm front moved from northern Texas northward into northeastern Oklahoma during the day on May 20th, and then the cold front associated with this storm system moved through eastern Oklahoma during the late evening of May 20th and early morning hours of May 21st. Warm, moist, and very unstable air resided across eastern Oklahoma ahead of this system. This pattern resulted in multiple rounds of severe thunderstorms across eastern Oklahoma from the early afternoon of May 20th through late morning of May 21st.

Very strong wind shear coexisting with the strong instability resulted in some supercell thunderstorms that produced large hail up to golfball size and multiple tornadoes on May 20th. A squall line developed along the cold front that moved into the area during the morning of May 21st, and that line of storms produced multiple tornadoes along the leading edge. Locally heavy rainfall and subsequent flash flooding occurred across northeastern Oklahoma as multiple rounds of thunderstorms affected generally the same area.

This tornado developed just south of E Pine Street at N Rockford Avenue and moved east. The tornado damaged a number of homes and structures, blew down trees, and snapped two power poles. A man was injured when a large tree fell onto his house. The tornado dissipated just north of E Pine Street near N Oswego Avenue. Based on this damage, maximum estimated wind in the tornado was 90 to 100 mph.

(Video) The Most Powerful Tornado Recorded on Earth

Historic data, especially before 1950, are likely incomplete.


What Oklahoma counties experienced the largest of the tornadoes? ›

In county tallies, tornadoes recorded in multiple counties are counted once in each county.
  • No. ...
  • No. ...
  • No. ...
  • No. 5 (tie): Tulsa County. ...
  • No. 4: Canadian County. ...
  • Third-most tornadoes: Osage County. 107 tornadoes. ...
  • Most tornadoes (tie): Caddo County. 125 tornadoes. ...
  • Most tornadoes (tie): Oklahoma County. 125 tornadoes.
Apr 19, 2022

What was the biggest tornado in Oklahoma history? ›

The Bridge Creek−Moore tornado produced an estimated 220 cubic yards (170 m3) of debris from the buildings that were destroyed. This was the deadliest tornado recorded in Oklahoma since a long-track F5 tornado killed 107 people in Woodward on April 9, 1947.

How many tornadoes has Tulsa had? ›

Since 1950, Tulsa, Oklahoma has had over 200 tornados and has an average of 3 tornados a year. While the average of fatalities per year is only 1, Tulsa is known as a high-risk area for tornados.

Which county in Oklahoma has had the highest number of tornadoes since 1950? ›

Oklahoma County


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